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While money is a motivator for some, we need more than a paycheck to find satisfaction. We spend a lot of time making things happen, and it's because we have a white-hot, burning, hunk of love, passion for testing our skills and pushing the limit. But it all starts with our culture. Our core values, vision, and standards drive why we show up every day to bust our butts for you.

Core Values

  • Curiosity

    This is our WHY. Curiosity is why we do what we do, and it drives us in the deepest sense. Curiosity inspires us to never stop learning and sparks our minds with ideas on how to make things better by constantly challenging the status quo. It allows us to set egos aside and embrace differences to understand all perspectives.

  • Passion

    This is our WHAT. Passion is what inspires our ambition to go the extra mile every day. It’s what makes our willingness to put in the extra effort second nature. Passion motivates our dreams and encourages our team to never be afraid to fail. We refuse to play not to lose; we only play to win!

  • Accountability

    This is our HOW. Accountability is how we put our passion and curiosity into action. It’s how we get things done. We have made a commitment to ourselves and to our clients to make great things happen, and with accountability we can do so through respectful, transparent, and reliable relationships.

  • Why curiosity
  • Passion
  • Accountability
  • Vision Statement

    To create an organization driven by curiosity, passion, and accountability, where our team members & clients feel a sense of success, happiness, and inclusion. We strive to ignite imagination, envision all possibilities, and provide clarity

    to make anything possible.

    Our Culture

    Our culture isn't just words on paper or ideas in the clouds. It's everything to us. Our culture lives and breathes in our studio, in our team, in our relationships with clients, and in everything we do. Culture is defined as a way of life of a group of people, and our tribe is motivated by the same passions, values, and the drive to succeed. It's what makes Ignite spark.

    Why culture new 3

    When you think “culture”, you might think Friday happy hours, Nerf wars, and scooters in the office. While we’re definitely down for a good time, culture to us has a deeper, more traditional meaning. The culture built in our untraditional space is centered around Curiosity, Passion, and Accountability. We work to make an impact and refuse to settle for the status quo. If you saw us in action, you might call us crazy, but it's just how we function around here.

    Our clients look to us for guidance on how to stand out from their competitors, how to grow their businesses, and how to be downright remarkable. We're here to lead them, challenge them, inspire them, and to hold each other accountable for our efforts. That’s a big undertaking for most, and it’s something you’ve probably heard before. But, there’s nothing we take more seriously than delivering on this commitment.


    • Responsibility

      We believe we have a high-level of responsibility to our clients, and that our clients have a high-level of responsibility to us. It's a mutual relationship we strive to foster, because we're not just someone who works for you, we're your partner. If you’ve ever seen Napoleon Dynamite; there will be days we’ll chat for, like, two hours, so I guess you could say things get pretty serious. But in all sincerity, we hold exceedingly high-standards for our work, because we give a crap, and you should too. However, we know we’re all human. Mistakes happen, but our motto is Own It & Fix It.

    • Accountability

      At Ignite XDS, accountability fosters a partner you can grow [old] with. We hold each other, and our clients, accountable to commitments through a dedication to transparent communication to ensure we’re all on the same page at the same time. We don’t know about you, but we’ve got big dreams and we want to be with someone who wants to chase dreams together. (We also love adventure and long walks on the beach.)

    • Transparency

      Like your mamma always said, honesty is the best policy. Being honest about the current situation, where we need to be, what we need to do, and why we need to do it, all lead to a culture of transparency and R-E-S-P-E-C-T (sing it!). This provides a foundation of trust and understanding for our LTR (long term relationship). But it takes two to tango – transparency from both sides is vital to the health of our entire team, culture, and client partnerships.

    Work With Us

    If you've reached this point of the page, we know you're definitely checking us out, judging who we are as a company online, and contemplating the thought of working with us. We'd love to help everyone, but we do have standards. It's important for you to read through our WHAT, WHY and HOW pages to get a true understanding of how we make synergistic magic, what tools we use, and why we work so hard to make it happen for you.