The Art of Engagement

What catches your eye nowadays? What makes you linger on something and look at it instead of just scrolling past? What makes you engage? In the modern, busy world, captivating a single viewer is tough, let alone a whole audience. We approach this obstacle for our clients by uncovering their WHY, and putting it to work. Meaning, we find their true motivation beyond profit. Now you may not be sure what your brand’s WHY is at this moment, but to your customers it’s the most valuable and captivating thing about you. So, once we find your WHY, how do we put it to work?

Allow us to introduce our Sizzle Reel – our official video demo reel. Featuring our completely revamped brand, this video reel gives you a glimpse into not only our video and motion skills, but the dynamic marketing solutions that we activate to communicate our client’s WHY. All of our engaging video content and visual branding assets are developed with a focus on storytelling through cinematography, animation, 3D Graphics, and more. Watch our Sizzle Reel to find out what we've been up to and see some of our latest work. We're proud to partner with industry leaders including Kawasaki Robotics, Uncle Ray's Potato Chips, ROSS Controls, MiniTec Automation, Flotronics Automation, ASCO Numatics, the Space, ALG Tax Solutions, and more, as a creative, full-service, solutions-based, marketing agency.

Welcome to our world – We’re Ignite XDS, a 360° marketing agency that's ready to go all in for you.


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