Meet Kayla: Director of Brand Strategy

At Ignite XDS, we're a team of individuals from all walks of life with unique skills and talents that combine to create the remarkable. Although, in order to deliver the best results possible, we have to fight for the ideas we believe in while also arguing for our client's brands and end user experience. Bridging the gap between our internal teams and our clients is where Kayla comes in, to ensure that their brand is being represented precisely how they envision it.

Kayla Lipon, our Director of Brand Strategy, has been with Ignite XDS for over six years, and in that time has been invested in the development and cultivation of how our clients appear to the world, as well as much of the evolution of our internal culture and process. Even today, she's always looking for new ways to connect the teams, not as just coworkers and collaborators, but also as people and friends. We sat down with Kayla to get to know a little bit more about the woman who initializes and oversees the process of transforming vision into reality at Ignite XDS.

 What Are Your Responsibilities as the Director of Brand Strategy?

I work with our internal design, development, content and marketing teams to ensure our client's brands, messages, and strategic objectives are being achieved in our endeavors with them. This includes me being heavily involved with our clients from start to finish, and beyond, to ensure I am living their brand for them within Ignite XDS. Further, I work closely with our internal teams at the start and throughout projects to communicate both client-facing and internal expectations and perspectives to develop exceptional solutions that are completed on-time and on-budget.

Additionally, I am heavily involved with our team that builds and guides internal and external process development and implementation. Having worked at Ignite XDS for multiple years, this has become an extension of wanting to continue to build upon our culture and environment of curiosity, passion, and accountability.

 What's the Most Rewarding Part About Working at Ignite XDS? Your Favorite Part?

The most rewarding part about my role at Ignite XDS is seeing others succeed – seeing my team members crush it on a project, seeing our clients benefit from a project or initiative we executed, seeing my team members or client partners learn something new or implement a new idea internally, etc. To me, it's more rewarding to see others accomplish those feats, especially as a team.

My favorite part about working at Ignite XDS is that we are like a family. The highs, the lows, the in-betweens. Having been here for multiple years, it is rewarding to see how much we have worked through as a family. The company may not be for everyone, but I have found that through the years it has become more and more rewarding to look back on how much we have accomplished.

 What's Something You've Learned Since You Started at Ignite XDS?

I believe I have learned a lot of difficult career lessons here. They weren't always easy, but having the perspective of each experience has helped me grow immensely. I have also learned how to never stop pushing myself to the next level – always thinking about what can be done next and how can we do it better.

 What's Your Life Like Outside of Ignite XDS?

Outside of Ignite, you can find me with my fiancé, Jason, and our golden retriever, Gibson. In our free time, we're usually working out or spending time with family on the lake. We also enjoy hunting down new restaurants to try or taking mini-weekend trips to nearby cities. This year we went to my first music festival and I still can't believe how much fun it was!

Fun Facts About Kayla

- She enjoys intense planning because it lets her get the most out of everything. It's also a quality that makes her great at what she does!

- Her birthday falls between the signs of Pisces and Aquarius. This means she's at once in tune with hers and others' feelings, as well as a someone who loves to inspire change for the better.

- She's obsessed with her nieces and nephews and can't get enough of them.

- She loves watching "bad" reality TV on Sunday nights to finish out her weekend.

- Her and Jason's golden retriever, Gibson, is a regular at the office.


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