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Meet Kyle: Development Team Leader

At Ignite XDS, every member of each team is an ingredient in the magic recipe that makes up the whole of our organization. Whether they lead a project, provide support, or have a hand in our organization’s bigger picture, each member offers something special that makes our company unique. We take our culture so seriously because our team is like our family – the family that bands together, day in and day out, to make a difference for our partners, and deliver our clients results beyond what they ever expected.

Kyle, our Development Team Leader, is one of those critical members of our team – one of those people that “you don’t know what you’d do without them” and that you want to fight the good fight by your side. At Ignite XDS, we believe in giving those who hold a "can-do" attitude a chance to learn, grow, and achieve their goals, and Kyle Ratliff is no exception. Kyle joined our team a few years ago after graduating from Michigan State University with the Ruby on Rails knowledge we were looking for. From Day 1 he has not stopped learning and has continuously contributed to our organization’s commitment to seek greater challenges and achievements for ourselves and for our clients. Today, Kyle collaborates with our Development Team in various languages including Javascript, jQuery, React, HTML 5, CSS 3, and Sass, amongst other cutting-edge technologies.

He wears a lot of hats, some that aren't even of a Developer, and contributes a significant amount to Ignite XDS with responsibilities like:

+Architecting new back-end application systems

+Solving abstract client-facing problems with advanced web application software

+Tracking and managing projects within Asana, Box, + Lucidchart

+Assisting Ignite XDS Management in understanding Development possibilities, timelines, and lingo

+Assisting Ignite XDS Management alongside other team leaders to develop new processes + increase company efficiency overall

+Helping with daily Development support tasks

+Solving I.T. issues in-house (like updating our server + being the go-to person for any computer or technical equipment issues)

One of the biggest improvements Kyle has facilitated within our company is preventing our Development Team from becoming a "black box" of sorts. Unlike many Developer stereotypes, Kyle has fluid and clear communication skills that allow him to provide great insight into the Development Team's work.

Regardless of who you are, if you ask Kyle for help with anything in relation to coding or front-end development, he'll help you understand the scope, the setbacks, and what to do, in a way you can easily understand. Even if he doesn't have an immediate answer, he'll gladly find it for you. His accountability is off the charts and his passion for building solutions that solve real problems truly shines.

"Kyle is always eager to explain something to someone to help them better understand what happened, what they are designing, why Dev is doing what they are doing, etc. He really does a good job of making sure people understand." –Meridith Petriella 

Kyle says his favorite part about working at Ignite XDS is the impact he gets to make on the direction of the company. As a team leader, he's involved in helping make decisions about practices and processes that we use every day. One of his favorite projects, or one that meant the most to Kyle, was the recent development of the new Ignite XDS website. "I enjoyed getting the time to do it properly, and I feel the design is finally starting to match what we truly are as a company. Being able to bring Andrew's design to life with him was a fantastic experience and I look forward to continuing to build on it." said Kyle.

When Kyle isn't at work or working at home, you can find him playing, creating, and learning about video games, constructing mod computer towers, doing environmental 3D modeling, and collecting glass sculptures. Wherever Kyle's passion ignites, we know he'll find success. We look forward to all the great work Kyle will do and can't wait to see his achievements grow!

Quick + Fun Facts About Kyle: 

+Milford, MI is his hometown

+He is a Virgo (Personality strengths of a Virgo include: loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical – This perfectly describes Kyle)

+His favorite color is dark purple

+His favorite food is filet mignon, medium rare, with a nice sear

+Another Developer at Ignite XDS, Alec, lives with him

+He doesn't have any pets but would love a Bengal Cat, Husky, or German Shepherd

+He collects crystal stemware (to go with his love of red wine)

+He would love to visit Oktoberfest and Ibiza someday

+He relaxes or zones-out by playing video games

+He is a mix of three different types of color-blindness (He says it's hard to tell colors or similar tones/hues apart + holiday gift bags are a nightmare to look at)

Stay tuned for more employee spotlights to learn more about what makes the work at Ignite XDS happen.


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