Meet Meridith: Workflow Manager/Superhero

Welcome to the first of our series of team member spotlights!
Our team is what makes Ignite XDS the magical place that it is. It's the incredibly talented people that strive for greatness day in and day out. And it's the family that bands together to make a difference for our partners. MEET OUR TEAM –

Allow us to introduce you to Meridith, our Workflow Manager here at Ignite XDS. What does such a title entail? Well, to put it simply, she wears a lot of hats! She's basically an Ignite XDS office superhero. For the past three years, Meridith has been primarily responsible for directing the flow of communication between our internal teams and our clients. She keeps our schedule organized, keeps our clients in the loop, is the go-to for status updates, and is basically the glue that holds us all together! Whether it’s prioritizing last-minute rush deadlines and rearranging the schedule, or running out to get coffee for the crew when we run out of K-cups, she’s always got our back! Someone needs to get this girl a cape.

At Ignite XDS, our culture is extremely important to us and is a huge factor when choosing new hires; which is exactly why we wanted Meridith to join our team in the first place. What you may not know, but will quickly learn after being in a room with her, is that her kindness, helpfulness, and fun-loving attitude are a crucial part of our team culture. She’s always good for a smile or a laugh, is there for you if you just need to vent, and can even indulge in a chat about llamas or other obscure animals. Her passion for her work is palpable, as she can always be found with headphones in, vigorously working to get the job done. BUT, it never fails, she will always gladly put aside her own projects to help a team member in need. Her willingness to assist and her devotion to our team make her more than just a “Workflow Manager.” She’s our family. 

When she isn’t busy with work, (which isn’t often, she is notorious for working from home and was once “fired for a week” to take a vacation) Meridith can be found reading her favorite book, The BFG, playing video games, spending time with family, watching movies, and knitting. She is also a lover of music and enjoys listening to her favorites: Dessa, Billy Joel, Polyphia, and the Hamilton Soundtrack. If we can convince her to take another much-deserved vacation anytime soon, she’d like to visit Italy to learn about her heritage, or travel to Harry Potter World!

Some fun facts about Meridith:

  1. Meridith's favorite foods include pizza, cannoli, and "my grandma's rigatoni."
  2. She says her spirit animal is the Shoebill, a goofy looking bird.
  3. Meridith's favorite places are Rhode Island, Utah, and the U.P.
  4. She owns donut leggings and wears them to work regularly.
  5. Meridith's desk harbors the infamous candy dish, which is usually filled with delicious treats.

Check back soon to learn more about our quirky team members!


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