RiverTown Honda’s Website Gets a Responsive Tune-Up

Have you ever visited a website on your phone or tablet, only to encounter difficulty viewing its content? Many websites are only optimized to view their content via desktop or laptop, but consumer web browsing habits have changed! Today, mobile and tablet usage account for over 50% of Internet usage worldwide! Thus, the need for responsive websites that automatically resize and restructure site content based on the screen size of the viewer. Responsive websites, done well, deliver an optimal experience that allows visitors to easily view the site across any platform.

To remain relevant and stand out in a highly competitive digital atmosphere, businesses must utilize responsive websites to appeal to the needs of their customers. Whether your customers prefer browsing the Internet on their desktops or phones, analyzing the needs and preferences of your digital users is imperative when it comes to obtaining and maintaining growth within your business through increased web traffic.

One thing we know for sure is that mobile is on the rise and it’s not slowing down! Mobile viewers prefer simple navigation, faster page load times, and condensed content that accommodates to their screen’s size. According to a survey conducted by Google, 74% of website visitors are more likely to return to a site if it has a mobile-friendly view, and over 61% are likely to leave a site if it doesn’t have a mobile format at all. By implementing a responsive design, users can view your site’s content in an accessible, condensed, and organized format, allowing them to get the information they need with ease.

In a world that’s flooded with so many digital experiences that are less than impressive, how will you serve your users? How will you stand out?

RiverTown Honda, a proud partner of Ignite XDS, exemplifies exceptional service to their clients and upgrading to a fully responsive website is one of the ways they improved their customer experience this year! Since the launch of RiverTown Honda’s initial website, staff and visitors have been pleased with the experience. However, as web best practices evolved and RiverTown’s website continued to gain traffic, it was important to recognize the opportunities that upgrading to a fully responsive website would offer – more engaged visitors, more educational content, more seamless vehicle sales, and so on.

Both our design and development teams were up for the challenge of transferring RiverTown’s robust website to a completely new platform, and in a few short weeks, the Honda dealership debuted a clean and streamlined responsive website. Alec Rademacher, a member of the Ignite XDS Web Development team, collaborated with our Design and Development teams, utilizing HTML and CSS, to construct a platform that would allow consumers to access RiverTown’s dealership website on any device, providing a fully responsive user experience.

 The new RiverTown Honda website features custom web pages, interactive content modules, and page themes that allow users to engage with the dealership’s content on any digital device or web browser. The user-friendly interface delivers an upgraded user experience that is perfectly suited for RiverTown Honda’s commitment to customer service.

“It was an exciting project that really allowed us to capitalize on our in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS to serve a great client. Watching the site go live after all the work we put into it was one of the most rewarding experience I’ve had with Ignite XDS.”

Since RiverTown Honda’s new, fully responsive website launched this year, users frequently remark on its streamlined buying experience and how easy it is to research and find vehicles online. Not to mention, the dealership’s web traffic is up 32% year-over-year (as of November 2017).  Alec’s work with the other members of our Development Team helped to enhance the user experience for RiverTown Honda’s customers, creating a navigable site for any viewer on any digital platform, mobile or desktop.

“This project was definitely large, but when we employed our detailed production process to break down the work into a step-by-step approach, we were able to accomplish the full transition on time.”


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