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What’s Possible with Video + CGI?

As marketing evolves in the 21st century, modern strategies are reliant on the engaging nature of video content. Whether used on social platforms, responsive websites, or through more traditional mediums, video and computer-generated graphics (CGI) are valuable tools that can be employed to connect with the subconscious decision-making process of the end user. With such a vast array of capabilities possible with video and CGI, these game-changing marketing tools are critical for both B2B and B2C organizations.

So how do we stay current in the world of video + CGI?

At Ignite XDS, we’re proud to offer our clients the most cutting-edge video, motion graphic, and CGI techniques. To do so, our Video Production team routinely engages in experimental projects to perfect their skill set in all that is possible with video and photo-realistic CGI. Our team’s passion for always pushing the boundaries to explore new ways to tell the stories of our clients, allows us to translate the design and technical skills required to execute these test projects into video and motion graphics that allow our clients to connect with the end consumer.

We’ll let our work speak for itself.



Compositing + Finishing Effects

This water simulation employs a High-Dynamic-Range Imaging (HDRI) lighting map. In this instance, it’s acting as the light source to cast light over the water with realistic surface reflections and shimmers. The HDRI lighting map allows us to capture all of the light data and reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity within the imaging or photography. As you can see in the second Before & After video below, the post-production motion compositing allowed us to clean up the imagery and finer points of the animation, produce a more realistic depth of field, and create blemishes and imperfections to further trick the human eye into believing the footage is real. Look closely and you’ll notice that the light source even has visible beams of light which are at times affected and altered by other surfaces in the video. It’s all the tiny details of CGI that truly sell the overall effect of the video.

Fur Particle Simulation 

This CGI graphic is the product of a physics particle simulator. Our Video Production team set out to perfect the look of fur/hair, or really any subject that is comprised of multiple strands or follicles. The challenge here is that fur/hair is especially difficult to perfect because of its reactions to light and gravity. While this particle simulation example may be whimsical in style, it also demonstrates the lengths to which our Video Production team can apply surface textures to 3D models. This could include matte, photo-realistic aluminum, metal, and much more.

Compositing CGI + Live-Action Footage 

By incorporating multiple elements and techniques, including a digital logo, CGI rain, and live-action footage, our team developed this fully interactive composition. One of the most important aspects of creating this video was the project structuring and its composition. This ensures that if any changes are made to any of the elements in the video, the rest of the environment will react to it instantly – Colors, reflections, an artificial RAK focus, you name it. Notice that when the color of the illuminated logo changes, the water below it and the rain on the “lens” catch the refracted light and color. As we mentioned earlier, this video also includes added imperfections to improve the photo-realism and to trick your eyes into perceiving the CGI as real. Not to mention, everything you see in this video is either graphically made from scratch or is our own filmed, real, footage, masked with a particle effect.

Texturing + Animation

While this little gummy fish may look simple and adorable, there is, in fact, an extensive amount of technical input happening to make it work through the Blender Cycles Render Engine. His translucent gummy texturing is made from scratch, using a Principled Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF) shader and an HDRI lighting map, to ensure it reacts properly to the light. The animation of the fish’s natural and realistic swimming pattern is also hand-designed utilizing an effect known as lattice animation. To achieve the effect, our Video Production team manipulated the 3D model on a set track within the environment, which allows the fish to bend through the track following the “head” of the fish, rather than the fish wobbling and bending back and forth from its center.

The video production and motion graphic exercises above are just a few examples of what the Video team at Ignite XDS can achieve with photorealistic CGI effects. While these captivating video simulations are creative in nature for demonstration, they’re indicative of what is possible! At Ignite XDS we work with our clients to provide innovative marketing solutions that incorporate video, motion, and animation to affect consumer decision-making process.

We challenge you to consider how video and photo-realistic computer-generated graphics could bolster your B2B or B2C marketing strategy – 3D component models? Product highlights? How to videos? Logos incorporated into live video? Social media content? The possibilities are endless!

Video is one of the most influential tools in your marketing arsenal. 

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