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ALG Tax Solutions was founded with one purpose in mind: helping people find hope through the most stressful tax situations. It was our mission to bring peace of mind to the end user by building a resource where the client’s needs were put first – where solutions could be found and fears minimized. Through client personas, an easy-to-navigate website, and educational resources, the number clients positively impacted by ALG continues to grow year after year.

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When ALG Tax Solutions came to Ignite XDS to take their brand to the next level, we knew that they were unlike the stereotypical tax resolution company. ALG is dedicated to providing their clients with clarity, knowledge, and support, and they needed to convey that culture through a concise brand strategy. By developing a brand identity that instills confidence and peace of mind in their customers, we were able to implement a steadfast brand message that clearly communicates the difference between ALG and their competitors. Additionally, we focused our concentration on three main client personas to develop a clear, knowledge-based digital resource that delivers a streamlined flow of consumable content to their users.


 The underlying goal behind the existence of ALG Tax Solutions is to help educate clients on what options they have at their disposal, based on their individual situation, and ultimately provide optimism and security in dire times. This was the message that we needed the ALG brand to represent. And just as important, we needed to keep simplicity central to every interaction in order to properly service the end user. From the start we knew this brand identity was set to span from simple marketing collateral to in-depth educational resources, so it needed to be intuitive. The end result is a brand that invites you to engage and delivers the confidence you’ve been searching for. Through the continued development of our brand guide that specifies the clean, bold, and complex elements of ALG Tax Solutions, we have been able to advocate a steadfast brand throughout the years across all digital and traditional platforms.

  • Fear
  • Confusion
  • Interactive
  • Educational
  • Supportive
  • Easy

 Once the brand presence was established, we had the solid foundation to build and sustain ALG’s interactive, user-focused website that’s heavy on consumable educational content. By developing resources to solve the real needs of potential customers, we were able to demonstrate ALG’s dedication to serving their clients. For example, the website’s IRS letter decoder tool allows customers to translate the severity of any IRS notices they may receive and provides direction on what type of action may need to be taken. Through a continued effort to consistently develop new and useful resources, the success of ALG Tax Solutions is seen not only through online analytics but in the real-life impact the organization is able to make on people like you and I. Whether it be minor or urgent tax-related issues affecting individuals to small businesses, the ALG website delivers both the brand message and valuable resources needed in a clear and concise method.

  • IRS Letter Decoder
  • Responsive Website
  • Research Resources

 When it came to the content aspect of developing ALG Tax Solution’s online presence in relation to both performance in search and accessibility to the end user, we were challenged with reorganizing the extensive collection of published content that the brand had previously created. To start, a comprehensive content audit was imperative to assess the existing content available and to evaluate its SEO value. By completely revamping and streamlining the digital content experience in accordance with ALG’s three main target market personas, we were able to increase the value of the content and present it to the user in a way that supported their research journey. Ultimately, the content strategy to consistently develop educational resources that provide solutions to the end user’s problems or present resolutions to their particular situation, has proven to attract the preferred clientele base to ALG Tax Solutions.

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 In addition to the digital solutions developed for ALG Tax Solutions, supporting marketing collateral also plays a necessary role in the organization’s marketing strategy to support the client acquisition process. It’s our goal to maintain a consistent look and clear message across all mediums, both online and offline. As their website and online traffic continues to increase, the need for new and refreshed content increases as well. EBook development is just one of the ways we serve that need and continue to attract new leads. Offline, in-brand display signage, PowerPoints, print ads, and more, drive home the ALG brand message that clients and potential customers will find supported online as they move through their research journey. Whatever situation a client may find themselves interacting with ALG, it’s assured they’ll receive a consistent experience that upholds the organization standards.

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