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Backed by 30+ years of experience delivering high-quality engineered solutions to complex automation challenges, Flotronics Automation realized the opportunity to stand out within a longstanding B2B industry. It’s not only B2C organizations that can elevate their brands above the competition.

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  • Branding
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing Collateral


Flotronics Automation is a full-line fluid power and automation product supplier that offers their clients unique engineering expertise to manufacture any type of solution for even the most complex applications. With such a unique value opportunity and ability to stand out within their B2B market, our challenge was clear: we needed to bring the innovative nature, engineering expertise, creative solutions, and unparalleled service of Flotronics Automation to life within an industry that has yet to fully adopt today’s advanced digital technologies, value in branding, and marketing approach. Our team hit the ground running to upgrade Flotronics' brand appeal through a fresh design aesthetic, strong and informative content development, and strategic front- and back-end web development to bolster their competitive edge in the market.


To bring to life a brand that inspires innovation, capability, and advancement, our team of designers crafted a cohesive visual brand that introduced a new creativity while staying true to a few existing brand elements. Supported by an organizational focus on service and innovative solutions, and a strategic content strategy that informs and inspires, the new Flotronics Automation is sleek and bold, with a calculated professionalism. It was also important for our team to craft the new Flotronics brand in a way that communicated cohesiveness with the organization’s partner company, MiniTec Automation. By developing the brands in tandem, we were able to launch two independent brands that also have the ability to stand together. While the visual appeal of the new Flotronics Automation is game-changing in helping the brand stand out in their B2B environment, it’s critical that all brand messaging communicates the ultimate value of their brand: the differentiating factor within each innovative solution.

Client Inspiration
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  • Innovation
  • Experience
  • Advancement
  • Complete Solutions
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Developing the new Flotronics website was multi-faceted. First and foremost, we needed to serve the expectations of today’s digital users, and by doing so, we would most definitely set the brand apart from their competition. The website needed to not only be visually appealing, but needed to provide value to the user. Therefore, we developed a responsive website with a robust backend application that is built to grow with the organization. Today, Flotronics Automation can utilize User Management and Literature Management features; Products and eCommerce capabilities are set to launch in conjunction with more wide-spread organizational goals; and in the future Flotronics Automation can add feature modules as needed. This robust back-end application drives the consumer-facing front-end website, of which new users will easily find the website through keyword searches thanks to the industry-focused SEO strategy incorporated into the website’s content development. This website is not only a brand asset, but a functional tool that benefits both users and internal team members.

Solutions Provided
  • Responsive Website
  • UX/UI
  • Back End Application Development
  • User Management
  • Literature Management
Content Creation

While the visual part of the new Flotronics Automation brand subconsciously communicates expertise, innovation, and professionalism, through the content tone, language, and facts, we needed to inform and inspire the user. The differentiating factor about Flotronics, is the fact that their unique engineering expertise lends the ability to create solutions for complex applications. Through their brand messaging we must inspire this creativity so the user understands that, while not stated explicitly, Flotronics Automation has a solution for you. Just as important was the comprehensive, launch-critical SEO strategy that our content team implemented to position Flotronics Automation in a way that would support their search ranking goals within their industrial B2B market.

Solutions Provided
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • SEO Development
  • Language & Tone Development

At Ignite XDS we believe strongly in the importance of consistency amongst all brand marketing collateral. It’s the experience with this marketing collateral than can be an asset or a liability to a business. Within their longstanding industry, we understood the importance of a cohesive and strong brand strategy for Flotronics Automation to communicate their differentiating message. The Flotronics customer may come in contact with the brand in a variety of ways and it’s important that no matter what route they take, the brand experience is just as strong. Whether it be a trade show or sales meeting, the marketing collateral featured must support the brand message if we want the customer to be moved to know that choosing Flotronics is the right choice. Subsequently, the Flotronics sales team is now equipped with visually engaging sales materials that detail their industrial offering.

  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Brochures
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Print Collateral


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