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 You can’t stand still to stand out in today’s visually driven culture. Video is a top driver of web traffic and the number of videos watched online every day is in the billions! Dynamic audio and visual content, engaging storytelling narratives, and graphic branding in motion, allow our partners to share their story in a medium that more effectively converts and inspires action.

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With any project that we take on or partnership that we enter into, our goal is always to uncover the client’s WHY – to genuinely understand their story and what underlying factors drive their business. Our video projects are no different. By truly understanding each client’s WHY, effective video storytelling can bring a brand to life. It can communicate a message that would be impossible to convey through static words or images. Whether it be an extended commercial or short animation, putting your brand message in motion allows us to drive an even deeper connection with the consumer by engaging with their subconscious to communicate why they should align with your brand.

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 In today’s digital world, video is one of the most engaging mediums through which you can share your story with your consumer. It enhances your brand’s storytelling capability by personalizing your organization and putting a face to the company name. Think about your own experiences with video – An emotionally compelling narrative that supports your culture and product is far more likely to stick with the viewer than flat words on a page. It’s because the dynamic combination of videography and an effective narrative allows us to tap into the emotional decision making part of your consumer’s brain, utilizing cinematic imagery to evoke a powerful response to take action.


 Video and motion are an extension of your brand. They’re an extremely effective medium by which both current and potential consumers may experience your brand. Therefore, it’s just as important that they uphold your brand standards to effectively communicate your organizational message. When done well, visual branding can capture the attention of your viewer, deliver your message, showcase your products or services, and bring your brand to life in a standout fashion. With the limited amount of time you have to capture the attention of your viewer, motion graphics can make the difference between convincing them to stay or leave. From 3D graphics, custom logo animations, and complete graphics packages, visual branding takes a variety of forms that can be utilized to drive consistency throughout your brand message.


 A motivating and engaging brand message is an important factor to all effective videography, but how does the successful end product come to life? It all starts with investing in the pre-production process to develop the script, map out a storyboard, develop the shot list, and ultimately make certain the video concept supports the brand message and storytelling narrative. It goes without saying that all of the basics – lighting, sound, production quality, and style – are critically important in developing a powerful video. Without them the value of your brand is diminished and the narrative becomes overshadowed by poor execution. However, it’s important to realize that the video is not complete once the shoot wraps. Post-production is the last part of the video production process where critical editing occurs with b-roll footage, audio, music, motion graphics, and text. This final editing phase is dedicated to ensuring the final flow of the video evokes the desired response from the viewer.


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