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 MI Pro-Techs has already made home and office smart technology installation simple. But, we needed to spread the word to potential new clients about how truly convenient the process is and how these products can change your life. To accomplish our mission, we put our skills to work developing an improved digital presence that communicates MI Pro-Techs’ endless capabilities, stress-free installation process, and allows visitors to imagine the possibilities.

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 For over 25 years MI Pro-Techs has served Southeast Michigan and it was their custom security solutions that first planted the seed, helping them grow into a broad-range provider of custom home and office technology solutions. Years ago, MI Pro-Techs partnered with Ignite XDS to develop their initial brand and digital presence. Fast forward to today, where seamless web and mobile experiences are more important than ever, and a digital upgrade was vital to reenergize MI Pro Techs’ online presence.

 As we had so many times throughout the years, we sat down with owner, Pete Cristiano, who so effortlessly can take you through the incredible customer service process at MI Pro-Techs, making you feel as if you’re personally experiencing it. By so closely relating to the MI Pro-Techs clientele, our team was able to set in motion a plan to digitally emulate that experience.


 When MI Pro-Techs first approached our team over 5 years ago, with goals of developing a web presence, our focus was on their experience in security solutions. But, as the partnership grew, it became clear to us that MI Pro-Techs was so much more than that. They, in fact, have an expansive service and product offering that goes far beyond home security, into entertainment, network, and control solutions for your home or office. Most recently, we began to explore how we could build and communicate a new brand, style, and personality that encompassed all that MI Pro-Techs has to offer. By incorporating their custom logo into a completely new website that delivers a re-energized color scheme and modern design, we’ve allowed their potential customers to relate with them online. MI Pro-Techs’ website now details their high-quality product capabilities and exceptional customer process to highlight the organization as technological experts who will work tirelessly to fulfill their customer’s needs.

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 Bringing such a hugely personal, hands-on process into the digital world was what we set out to do. It was our mission to creatively balance smart home technology imagery, engaging video components, and informative content that would all inform both individual consumers as well as builder partners. Ultimately, we created a clean, fully responsive website that maintained an equal balance amongst all MI Pro-Techs solutions, and that could serve as a sales tool for builder partners to demonstrate the MI Pro-Techs experience to their clients. Engaging modules throughout the various website pages help to deliver all the varieties of product information, without it becoming overwhelming. But most importantly, it was critical to maintain a strong message throughout the website that MI Pro-Techs is here to make this easy on you!

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 How does one tell the story of a company that has seemingly limitless product configurations and solutions? By inspiring imagination. We didn’t set out to tell users that only specific products were available through MI Pro-Techs, but instead highlighted all the exciting possibilities in smart home and office technology – so the audience could build a vision fit to their life. Our main focus throughout MI Pro-Techs’ website, social media, and video content is to create a catalyst for consumers to conceptualize how they could be living or working better and more comfortably in their home or office. Today, MI Pro-Techs’ web and social content bear a new modern brand voice that relates to both new and experienced home buyers, current homeowners, and builder partners. The underlying message amongst these audiences captures the essence of how an MI Pro-Techs job is completed with ease and grace.

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 To help potential clientele easily visualize what smart home technology and security solutions look like, as it is often hidden in the walls, the Ignite XDS Video Team showcased the product and process through video. From the installation process to product setups in finished homes, video allows the end consumer to experience the entire process without any risk. MI Pro-Techs’ video content demonstrates the services provided to builder partners, as well as home owners. By incorporating video into the creative strategy for MI Pro-Techs, we were able to more clearly communicate their capabilities, and bring the audience's imagination into reality. More specifically, within the video content we created, we also utilized motion-tracked graphics incorporating a HUD (heads-up display) design to highlight the product installations and create a cohesive visual brand. It was our goal, with stand-alone video and video content throughout the MI Pro-Techs website, to show users how smart technology can integrate seamlessly into their home or office, and to show how the intuitive simplicity of MI Pro-Techs products can improve their everyday lives.

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