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ROSS Controls® Powering Online Sales

ROSS Controls®, an international manufacturer within the fluid power industry, sought out a brand revitalization to meet the needs of today’s digital consumer. By prioritizing an improved digital experience through the development of a complete ecommerce solution and custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the nearly 100-year-old organization has experienced an exponential increase in digital traffic and online sales.

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Since 1921, ROSS Controls® has been an international industry leader in pneumatic valve technology. Therefore, in modernizing the company brand and implementing software solutions for the North American headquarters, we were challenged with meeting the needs of various teams throughout the global organization. To get started, we began with an extensive project scope that became segmented into various phases to bring focus to an otherwise overwhelming undertaking. Brand consistency and an updated customer-facing website were two important stepping stones, however our ultimate goal was to reduce inefficiencies caused by the company’s two-system ERP process. Today, a new custom ERP back-end application that integrates seamlessly with ecommerce capabilities has streamlined internal operations, made online ordering possible, and has drastically enhanced the end-user’s online experience.

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Backed by a nearly 100-year history, the ROSS Controls® name carries with it a reputation of reliability and steadfastness. However, brand consistency was lacking and the inconsistency was damaging to the present-day reputation and user experience. By respectfully modernizing the long-standing brand and bringing uniformity to all materials both digital and traditional, ROSS Controls® was able to demonstrate that not only are they a historic industry leader, but that they are also committed to serving the ever-changing needs of their modern consumer. A strong brand color palette and simple design elements drive home the brand message of superiority in the market backed by a clear and stress-free user experience.

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Developing a strong digital presence to modernize the sales process was fundamental in ensuring continued growth amongst both new and long-time customers for ROSS Controls®. Plus, with 32,000+ SKUs and countless pieces of literature available to consumers, it was critical that product research and online ordering were easy to navigate and understand. Through a clean and organized front-end experience that integrates ecommerce capability, shopping and placing orders online from across North America became easy and accessible. No longer is the ordering process cumbersome, and consumers now have one designated location to browse product and place orders. Since the new responsive consumer-facing website launched in 2015, web traffic has increased 207% and the number of users placing online orders continues to grow.

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Revitalizing the ROSS® brand and creating a branded digital presence were two important factors in the partnership between ROSS Controls® and Ignite XDS, however, the real success came in reducing the inefficiencies the organization was experiencing by utilizing an expensive two-system ERP process. Instead of continuing to allocate large budgets to two systems that were not fully serving the needs of the organization, we worked to develop one custom back end application that served the specific needs of ROSS Controls® and their distributors. Utilizing the back end application as a tool to streamline the management of product literature, inventory, distributors, and more, not only resulted in internal efficiency, but also powered a more effective and interactive front end website that together with the back end tool has resulted in consistent increases in online sales each month since implementation.

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  • Literature Management
  • Product Database
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Management
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To support the long-standing reputation of the brand, it was important that all online content uphold ROSS Controls® as an expert in the field. From short form social posts to long form product and industry webpages, an educated technical approach was key. Content creation for ROSS Controls® included content mapping at the start of the project, search engine optimization throughout the development of the website, and strategic content creation post-launch to continue to compete with competitors. With a vast range of products and information available to promote, it was important to keep the company’s organizational goals central to the product and industry-related content strategy in order to build momentum. In addition to developing website content, it was important to utilize social media as a tool to build brand awareness, interact with industry partners, promote news, and support the distribution of new content.

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