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A Brand Enhancement Aimed at Business Growth

Technical Hot and Cold (THC) has served it’s market well for over 30 years, relying primarily on a solid base of commercial clients, HVAC parts sales, and a small residential customer base. Although, as their industry continues to evolve, and with a second generation of management on the horizon, the need for growth became clear. They engaged Ignite XDS with a very specific plan; “Help us improve our brand, and expand our residential market share.” Challenge accepted!

  • Branding
    Marketing Strategy 
  • Persona Development
  • Website & Back-End Application
  • Content & Voice Development
    Social Media
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Strategic Implementation

Our proven method of Position Definition – Message Development – Process Implementation, allows our team to build a predictable roadmap to business growth that maximizes the ability to accomplish the established goal. As with any project, we followed this method with THC, quickly getting to work to conduct an audit of all current THC marketing, sales, and business strategies – in an effort to best understand, what were they currently doing in the market, and where was there opportunity for improvement or growth. In defining THC's position in the market and their value message, it became clear that their differentiating factor was their strong commitment to truly providing customers with the best solution to their problem – they are not just an installation or repair company, they are a customer service company. So, we cataloged internal resources, data, and assets, matched them to our own external research, and were able to quickly present an initial strategic plan to THC management to set about refreshing their brand, upgrading their website, and generating business growth.


The strategy behind the construction of the Technical Hot and Cold brand, required a meticulous approach in order to set them apart from their competition, while appealing to their broad range of customers. When both B2B and B2C reside in the same company, a very strategic approach is required with company’s Brand. Our team needed to strike a balance between "big, technical, commercial", and "personal, informative, residential" – serving the needs of the two different audiences (not to mention the nuances within both of those). We set out to visually demonstrate a bold, experienced, and confident team, while maintaining a look that was personal and didn’t overwhelm the customer base. A play on the phrase, “Because It’s Technical” was established as part of the newly developed sales and marketing strategy focused on educating and serving their customers in a more defined way.

  • Technology
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Empathy
  • Consultative
  • Trust
  • Fair

For long-term, continued business growth for years to come, the new Technical Hot and Cold strategic marketing process utilizes an agile build-as-we-go strategy. However, one of the first urgent tasks after refreshing the THC brand, was to completely redesign the company website – not only to update the brand look, but to improve content organization for easy separation of their very distinct audiences. The content refresh and upgraded user experience also set the stage for improved lead generation for future marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, and customer education. Simultaneously, the technical foundation was laid for an initial platform application framework that will support future business growth and management capabilities including: user and permissions management, internal and external content libraries, document and media center, business tool integrations, and more to come!

  • Responsive Website
  • Robust Back-End Applications
  • Security & Application Management
  • Custom Blog & CMS
The Ignite XDS team came in and forced us to look at our business through a different lens. They showed us how to think like our customers think. Once we did, we could quickly see where we needed to make adjustments to our business model 
Jason Freeman, Operations Manager, Technical Hot and Cold

Lead and customer nurturing processes are always an important part of the Ignite XDS business growth strategy, however particularly in this case where we needed to grow the client's residential customer base. Aligning with the THC approach of customer service, this marketing strategy was not about "selling" the customer, but about informing, guiding, communicating, and giving the homeowner options. After specific personas were defined for THC, we were able to create materials and processes that supported this strategy holistically, including inbound phone scripts to guide the THC team, in-home sales tactics to better inform the customer, and outbound messaging/collateral. Along with strategic ads and both digital and traditional outreach to target buyer-specific profiles, the results have so far yielded over double YoY sales on specific campaigns and significant increase in bottom line growth!

  • Brand Voice Development
  • Content Audit
  • Content Strategy
  • Technical Copywriting
  • SEO Curation & Development
  • Strategic SEM Implementation
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Process Development


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