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 the Space was built on a passionate vision – A vision to create space within ourselves to grow and become more. To inspire in others what they may not see in themselves. And to build a community of supportive, friendly, and loving friends. It was our challenge to create a brand and digital experience that would emulate an experience at the Space.

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 It all started with a seasoned yoga/fitness instructor and wholehearted health enthusiast; one that was determined to disrupt the traditional idea of a yoga studio and avoid the pitfalls she saw in them. When Kelli McMullen came to us to begin the journey of bringing the Space to life, we naturally started working to discover the WHY behind the Space as a business and as a culture. With Kelli’s infectious laugh and ability to embrace everyone she comes in contact with, there was no doubt in our minds that this project was going to be transformative. Throughout the development of the brand, website, and content, it was critical to remain 100% true and open to the deep-rooted message behind the Space. With every asset created and interaction encountered, our partnership with the Space isn’t just about a website, but about communicating a culture and community to both new faces and die-hard fans.


 As a new organization coming to life, we started with the Space at square one – with a logo and the challenge to communicate the heartfelt message of this organization and the specific vision of its founder. As partners, we found ourselves fulfilled with flowing movement, harmonious intertwined circles, and imperfect handwritten type. During the discovery phase with the Space, every proposed font, image, texture, color, and asset provided clarity in Kelli’s vision, which allowed our team to engrain themselves into the brand and shape the final product. By blending contrasting elements, we effectively communicated the acceptance of imperfection.

  • Hand Drawn
  • Light Weight
  • Metallic Gold
  • Organic
  • Flowing
  • Concrete
  • Barn Wood
  • Succulents

 For the Space, their new website was responsible for communicating their experience before their doors even opened. We were driven to intuitively convey the culture of the organization, while maintaining simplicity, an easy-to-use interface, and responsive experience. The custom team module allows users to begin to build an attachment to the inspirational souls spreading the message of the Space and leading each class within the studio – subconsciously encouraging class registrations. By integrating MindBody as a third-party application within the website, users can view the class schedule, reserve a spot in class, and purchase class packages, all without having to leave the custom online experience at

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  • Front-End Development
  • MindBody Scheduling Integration
  • Social Media Integrations
When I came to the team at Ignite, I had a very specific idea in mind for how I wanted to present the dream in my heart to the world. The team was very receptive and worked extremely hard through my constant feedback. The turn around from my request and their delivery was speedy and very precise. They made me feel like I was valid and took my thoughts very seriously. We created a really special connection and even had many laughs together. Ignite XDS is professional and quick, as well as personable and accommodating!
Kelli McMullen

 While the inspiration for the website was simple and clean, the content throughout had to visually and verbally communicate the depth of the brand's goals. Working in partnership with the driving forces behind the Space, we established the guidelines for the language, tone, and message that are maintained throughout every asset and piece of marketing collateral created in order to develop deep-rooted brand consistency. Every step of the way our content team was consulting with Kelli, adopting her language, and supporting her mantras with targeted keywords to achieve both a message of culture and ability to drive traffic through search engines.

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