Uncle Ray's Potato Chips Beyond Good!

 Beyond Good – Two simple words that embody the spirit of the Uncle Ray’s brand; known for their quality products and wholesome approach to business. Our brand transition for this North American potato chip and snack food producer focused on retaining their current, loyal customer base while also targeting a new, expanded demographic through eye-popping visuals, a revitalized copy tone, and engaging video content.

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 The snack food industry is one of the most competitive industries in the United States. With endless options available to consumers, standing out against the competition is a daunting task. And, as we like to say, the most dangerous place in the world is where you play it safe and blend in. But, in order to facilitate a successful brand transition for Uncle Ray’s, it was critical to keep their current consumers pleased while also incorporating a bold new look to appeal to an expanded target market that will help to propel the snack brand forward. There was no immediate alienation of the current branding stocking store shelves in order to remain cost efficient, but a persistent organic effort to strategically transition brand perception was launched immediately; from the over-arching brand message to campaign-specific collateral, and everything in between. By strengthening the fan favorite taste of Uncle Ray’s with a feel-good lifestyle message, Uncle Ray’s was given a breath of fresh air and an enhanced personality through web, content, and marketing collateral development.


 We set our sights on bringing Beyond Good to life. Originally used as a tagline by Uncle Ray’s in the past, our goal was to transform “Beyond Good” into an ideology; something that would allow consumers to connect more deeply with the snack food brand. Beyond Good promotes living a wholesome and adventurous lifestyle, having fun with friends and family, and indulging in life's small pleasures, like a great bag of chips. Building on the lifestyle concept, we capitalized on the brand’s partnership with MiLB, as a platform to introduce new chip flavors, updated graphics and visuals, and as an outlet for the brand message to be shared. Campaign-by-campaign, our design team pushed the boundaries to move away from the brand that was Uncle Ray’s to a brand that is Beyond Good.

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 Developing a website that truly represented the new Uncle Ray’s brand message, appealed to their varying target markets, and strategically positioned the company as a top competitor in the snack food space to distributors, was our next challenge. We overhauled their original website to give users a responsive and interactive digital experience, backed by a new product database that provides entertaining and useful information to the user, and maintenance capability to the Uncle Ray’s team. Continuing to build on Uncle Ray’s partnership with MiLB, and supporting the Beyond Good lifestyle, users will also find team, stadium, and event information all in one central place: UncleRays.com.

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 From in-park Minor League Baseball promotions and a limited-run campaign with the St. Louis Cardinals, to website content, social media engagement, and video storytelling, every facet of Uncle Ray’s communication has been infused with a Beyond Good flair – a bit of humor, wittiness, and the kick to be Beyond Good. The strategic tone and voice aim to support brand goals while appealing to both current and future target markets. However, it was also important not to neglect the necessary keyword building and SEO development required to establish the website as a resource for both consumers and distributors. Content doesn’t stop at the written word though. To appeal to the desires of today’s online users, utilizing video and motion to connect with the target audience is central to the ongoing brand and marketing strategy.

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