Whitmore Lake Public Schools Igniting Enrollment

Increased enrollment was a requirement, but inspiring a community was the driving passion. Led by a new, energetic Superintendent with a business mindset, Whitmore Lake Public Schools partnered with Ignite XDS to initiate a revolutionary rebrand. It was our challenge to help them rise above the reputation.

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 When we partnered with WLPS, we knew there were KPIs we had to meet, increased enrollment being one of them, but it was the passion for inspiring an entire community that motivated our team to create a plan that would elevate their brand inside and out. To us, serving the community is an important part of what we do, so not only did we want to help invigorate the school district, but we wanted to inspire the entire Whitmore Lake community. Our team approached this project with the goal of creating a sense of pride in the local community for the Whitmore Lake school system. By developing and living a brand that inspires all ages, we would be able to assist WLPS in acquiring more funding from the state that would allow them to continue their excellent work in personalized education, and ultimately increase student enrollment.


 Superintendent Tom DeKeyser, was ready to win as well. He treated WLPS not only as an academic institution, but a business and as a community. He recognized building a brand people could believe in, follow, and interact with, would bring about success in many arenas. The Whitmore Lake Public Schools rebrand wasn't just to be seen externally, but was to be truly felt internally as well, which meant it was our duty to clearly communicate the WLPS culture in every asset we created. Following a logo refresh, we further defined the tone of the various design elements that would be used to evoke what made each school truly unique. Friendliness, inclusion, and acceptance were the driving forces behind every aspect of the WLPS rebrand, from developing a completely custom website to crafting promotional billboards – and we were committed to bringing those values not only to the school district, but to the community.

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,To provide Whitmore Lake parents, students, and potential newcomers a glimpse into the WLPS experience, a main component in the school district rebrand was the development of a custom responsive website. With so much information to offer a variety of users, it was imperative that we delivered a streamlined, organized user experience. By making popular resources simple to find, we knew we’d have users coming back time and again. Although WLPS.net features a custom front-end, our team utilized an easy-to-use content management system to allow the staff of WLPS to easily control items that required consistent updating, ultimately creating a reliable source of information for parents and students. Young and colorful imagery, big and bold typefaces, and a user-friendly navigation all helped to convey the WLPS brand and deliver a positive, brand-centric experience; one not typically found throughout the elementary and secondary education industry.

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Ignite encouraged us to work with who we are and to tell our story. We feel like the work we've done with them has made us a stronger district, allowed us to be ourselves, and to capitalize on what we're already good at.
Tom DeKeyser

 When it came to content development, our team had more than enough information to work with, from the previous website to endless documents, but the challenge lied in prioritizing and organizing the vast amount of useful information. The end product needed to be simple, clear, useful, SEO-friendly, and ultimately needed to inspire action. By infusing the new brand tone into every word written, and utilizing smart navigation throughout WLPS.net, we were successfully able to improve user experience. Post website launch, it remains critical that every marketing asset we create speaks the voice and vision of Whitmore Lake Public Schools, instilling confidence, acceptance, and inclusion. To this day, even the newest students can feel the WLPS difference when they walk through those doors, validating everything they read, saw, or heard about WLPS.

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 However, the WLPS strategy wasn’t all about digital. Traditional marketing methods remain an important avenue of communication, and therefore must support the brand strategy as well. By immersing ourselves into the WLPS culture and working directly with staff members, our team was able to clearly understand in what way all marketing collateral would impact parents, students, and community members. By maintaining clear messaging and brand appeal throughout all types of marketing materials including school guides, billboards, newspaper ads, social ads, traditional ads, and more, we’re able to ensure the new, more relatable brand is consistently showcased across all mediums and applications. The team at Ignite XDS has helped shape a uniform look for all marketing materials used throughout the school system and community, to reinforce the new WLPS reputation. By also providing a bounty of new brand design assets, the Whitmore Lake staff now has the tools to create collateral internally as needed to remain fluid with their goals.

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