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From 35 years of working with hundreds of 8-figure companies across all industries, this process has become the most critical factor in determining success for our partners.

The Catalyst for Transformative Change

We believe that without a complete understanding of your organization, market, and customers, growth and marketing tactics oftentimes miss the mark, becoming irrelevant and wasteful.

This process will determine if your business and leadership team are capable of growth, how the company will deliver on its promise, and strategically uncover critical issues and opportunities across organizational silos to maximize value.

"Our first meeting was 100 steps beyond anything we've done before...I appreciate the deep dive"
- Karen Nave, GM of Back to the Past Collectibles


6 Meetings That Will Transform Your Trajectory

See your company through an entirely new lens.

Meeting 1

Overview and Setting the Stage

Starting with a 30,000-ft perspective, this initial meeting will explore your growth goals, your value proposition, existing business model and current financial position.

We'll begin uncovering opportunities and challenges, identifying immediately actionable items. Every action item will be subjected to Ignite XDS' methodology: Position Identification, Message Development, and Process Implementation (P.M.P.). Throughout Discovery, this is where we'll find true gold. 

Meeting 1 is a half-day session on-site.


Meeting 2

Customer Exploration

Gaining a thorough understanding of why your customers buy from you, defining key customer personas, and their potential customer journey in the current state are components of customer exploration. Are you aware of every touchpoint in those journeys? What adds value, vs. what could be damaging your brand and turning a customer towards a competitor?

Discussing the importance of customer segmentation and personas, simple changes can turn buyers into valuable brand ambassadors.

Meeting 3

Sales and Marketing Alignment

We evaluate your current sales and marketing tactics and initiatives. How do you go-to-market? What success have you seen as a result? What failures?

Do your current tactics truly align with the exact outcome you're trying to achieve? Do you know what metrics matter the most?! 

We’ll identify missing elements and necessary changes that can be implemented immediately vs. long-term resource allocation. Marketing can feel overwhelming, but we'll strip down the fluff and focus on making growth predictable.


Meeting 4

The Competitive Landscape and Strategic Positioning

Crucial analysis of identifying key competitors, analyze market positioning, and evaluate existing market strategies. After all, if this were a football game, we’d watch the game-film wouldn’t we?


Meeting 5

Operations and Culture Deep Dive

The ability to grow is intricately linked to maintaining a positive team culture and operational capability. Understanding whether your operations can uphold the customer experience is essential, as changes in it can affect both your brand and growth potential.

New clients often express concerns about customer churn, where existing customers leave at a rate similar to new customer acquisition. It's crucial to assess if you can sustain the customer experience that initially attracted and fueled your growth. Any negative changes in this experience can damage your brand, leading customers to exit.


Meeting 6

Recap, Establishing a LaunchPad for Growth

The Discovery Phase concludes with summarizing insights gained during the process and mutual alignment on priorities. We'll introduce our facilitation methodology: Position Identification, Message Development, and Process Implementation, which crafts how are we going to IMPLEMENT the changes identified that are necessary for growth. 

Depending on the circumstances, we may temporarily halt growth plans to address organizational deficiencies that demand immediate attention.

Alternatively, if actionable items are identified, they can be promptly addressed, allowing for a direct and proactive approach to growth and marketing velocity.

After one conversation, you'll understand our difference.


Why is this Discovery Process so critical?

Our partners consistently achieve 20-30% growth YOY, all hinging on the proper strategic approach and implementation.


Take The First Step

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Initial Phase Was Eye-Opening...

"As a new client of Ignite XDS, we have been profoundly impressed with their comprehensive discovery process. This initial phase was eye-opening, revealing several opportunities within our organization that we had previously overlooked.  

The team at Ignite XDS demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand the intricacies of our business and identify areas where we could innovate and grow. Their thorough approach in this early stage has laid a strong foundation for our partnership and has already begun to transform the way we approach our digital strategy and customer engagement.

It's rare to find a partner who can so quickly and effectively align with our goals and offer such valuable insights."

Mike Johnson, President | Performance Foodservice - Tampa

Is My Company Ready?

Our Discovery Process is designed to thoroughly explore where your company stands and if you are ready for sustainable growth.

At Ignite XDS, we only partner with companies that are poised for real growth. Entering into a partnership with clients that are uninterested or cannot handle enduring challenge once in awhile, will mutually not be a worthwhile match!

If you are READY for real growth, it's just on the other side of the challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Discovery Process last?

Ideally 90 days, beginning with an in-person half-day kickoff session (required) then bi-weekly meetings. However, due to the nature of the work between meetings, clients can often to take up to 6 months for process completion.

Who from my company should participate?

It is expected that the executive decision-maker(s) be involved for the entire duration (ownership, CEO, President). Some meetings may require additional key leaders, depending subject matter of meeting.

What is the money-back guarantee?

Your success is our success. We'll tell you more about this during an introduction call!