It's not that marketing is hard...oftentimes companies just take a flawed approach, resulting in failed attempts, frustrations, and money wasted. We don't believe in magic, and there's no silver bullet to success. But, our proven process has delivered our clients considerable business growth over the past 35+ years. Here's our secret...


People don’t like your company as much as You may think they do!

After all...Why should they?

Together, we'll want to know, before we spend a single dime on any project or campaign. 

The bad news is we color the world with our own perceptions, experiences, and expectations – it’s only natural. That’s how we’re designed. Businesses are no different. But this self-servitude shows through in marketing; often reflecting the assumption that people actually care about what a business is trying to sell. News flash: they don’t! A few years back, Bain & Company produced hard evidence of this when they surveyed C-level executives from 362 companies and found that 80% of them believed they were delivering a “superior experience” to their customers. As for their customers, only 8% agreed! What factors create this 72% gap...before we start, don't you think we need to know?

How Can Ignite XDS Help Me?

At Ignite XDS, We Use A 3-Step Method for Strategic Planning.


1. Position Definition

Foundational Thinking for Successful Marketing

This is the first step in ensuring a successful strategy. Clearly defining your company’s ACTUAL Value Proposition and Brand Position within the competitive landscape is a critical, foundational building block in developing an effective marketing strategy. The correct pathway to growing your Brand or getting noticed, is not about describing the details of what you do...It’s about sharing the values you hold most dear. While the details of what you do are still important in building this foundation, initial consumer reactions are always emotionally controlled – so we'll help you get your arms around this critical piece of your core strategy.


2. Message Development

It's Not Just What You Say, It's How You Make Them Feel

The world around us is moving faster than ever. People have neither the time, nor the desire, to invest a lot of effort in becoming familiar with all the details of what you offer them. At least not right away. It just has to FEEL right. If you can convey WHY you do what you do – the reasons your company was founded in the first place, the real value you offer the market – into every aspect of your business and marketing, you'll create the opportunity for long-lasting, emotionally-attached customers.

It’s hard to deviate from the way you’ve always done it. It’s hard to not focus on the details of what you do. But decisions are made emotionally – and your customers brain's are emotional...


3. Process Implementation

Have A Plan, Be Accountable. It Doesn't Have To Be Boring! 

Building a process that makes it possible to successfully accomplish your marketing objectives doesn't have to be boring. However, it does require commitment and discipline. But what's boring about winning, and flexing the strategic muscle of your organization? When you've invested time, energy, and resources in building a strategic foundation to launch from, you don't want to drop the ball when the game is really starting. Your Process is clear procedures and activities for execution, as well as key metrics that will indicate performance – to foster accountability to your goals. Your company was built to compete. If you're playing with us, we're attacking the market to WIN.

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The Secret Lies In Your Brand Experience!

Ignite XDS firmly believes that the consumer lens is critical to every marketing initiative and business decision. How brands position themselves, and their approach to marketing, within that context is the difference between success and failure. Our own methodology of Position – Message – Process begins and ends with the consumer in mind, and is the mechanism to bringing this theory to reality. We’re excited to have you join us on this journey!

Immediate growth can be realized by simply improving the expereince of your existing customer base.