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At Ignite XDS we practice a form of operational marketing whereby we believe every facet of your business has an effect on the customer experience your company delivers. We recognize that marketing cannot be conducted in a silo, but rather requires a holistic approach that is woven throughout the organization.

December 8, 1988 – Brighton, Michigan

Mitch Lipon, founder of our organization filed paperwork in Livingston County, Michigan establishing Expressions Graphic Design or EG Design on December 8, 1988. Mitch Lipon was one of only 3% of graphic designers that used computer technology in the graphic design industry at the time. This forward-thinking trend has been a cornerstone of the Ignite XDS legacy from day one. EG Design, located in SE Michigan, found a place serving the Tier II and Tier III suppliers to the automation industry.

This trend continued in 2007 with the establishment of the Xspond Corporation, an early adopter Ruby on Rails software development firm that became a forefront leader in the development of a delivery platform for automotive dealership websites in the early stages of this technology among other SaaS technologies.

The Ignite XDS name made its first appearance in 2010 specifically serving the automotive dealership industry, honing sharp skills in a highly competitive industry. Ignite XDS made its name in the dealership industry by helping committed dealer principals achieve dramatic growth results by staying ahead of technology and marketing trends, but as always, with a keen eye on the customer experience and journey of our clients’ customers and prospects.

Today, at Ignite XDS, we believe in the power of operational marketing—a practice far removed from the confines of siloed marketing tactics. Instead we demand a holistic approach that permeates every facet of our clients’ organization. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: significant bottom-line improvements are possible even before the introduction of a single new customer.

Our method is centered around a proprietary Discovery Process and a definitive scrutiny methodology of Position Definition – Message Development – Process Implementation, focused on enhancing the customer experience, elevating the perceived value of your products or services, and cultivating a willingness among customers to invest more in what you offer. This approach is not just about selling; it's about crafting customer-first processes that streamline your operational activities, reduce costs, and, most importantly, drive increased sales.

Over the years, Ignite XDS has evolved from its roots in computerized graphic design and branding, to the development of a proprietary process tailored for businesses poised for exponential growth. Our commitment to our clients' success is unwavering, and our track record speaks for itself. We've seen firsthand how our strategic, integrated efforts can lead to significant improvements in both operational efficiency and sales performance. In fact, our latest reporting data indicates that the last 14 Ignite XDS clients who contracted our team to help them position themselves for acquisition, actually realized an average increase in their valuation of a 1.8 multiplier, over a 37 month engagement.

Our journey from EG Design to Ignite XDS reflects our evolution and adaptability in the face of changing market demands and business needs. It's a story of growth, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to excellence. As we continue to evolve and expand our services, our foundational belief remains unchanged: your success is our success.


We Are Just Beginning. Join Our Journey.

We're All In! If you're tired of the same old way... If you're not getting anywhere by doing it the way you've always done it... If you're willing to dig deep, and to share what you find... Ignite XDS may be the marketing and organizational development partner you've been looking for. The biggest risk you have to take is starting a conversation.