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Online Presence: Website Development

No company can survive in today's marketplace without a current and effective website. That said, a website can be many different things to different companies. Customers and prospects also visit your site for many reasons, from multiple devices. In any case, your website must involve your visitors in mere seconds or they will leave, and it must exude your Brand and value proposition quickly and precisely.

At Ignite XDS, we're not new to the website development world. In fact we've been building custom websites for almost 20 years. Our team believes in building sites from the ground up to allow maximum flexibility, but we also understand that some organizations need their sites built on common CMS platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, or others. We're not locked in to one solution, we look for the best one for you.

Knowing your website is likely the first point, and sometimes the only point of contact for your customers, the User Interface and User Experience are critical in achieving the desired objective. Too many times websites fail to consider the customer and what he or she needs, or demands. Strategic planning, analysis, content organization, and delivery are of the utmost priority in an effective website or mobile application. Most importantly, when it comes to ensuring your website serves your business growth goals, we pay considerable attention to proper development of call-to-action opportunities.

No matter your need, Ignite XDS is here to support you with a team of marketers AND engineers with years of problem-solving experience. We'll define your specific need, then solve it with some combination of pre-built or custom software.

When was the last time you visited your website with a buyers mindset? Did it deliver?
Consider the following: The more complex your product offering, the more likely a simple website is not your best solution.

 – Do you have multiple locations each requiring local SEO, or multiple languages?
 – Do you need eCommerce or offer Recurring Revenue Services?
 – Do your customers or team members need access to private account portals?
 – Does your Call-To-Action resonate?


Custom Website Development




Software Integration


User Experience


Online Presence: Social Media Management

Social media is an undeniable force that businesses can’t afford to ignore if they want to reach their target audience, maintain a positive brand image, and achieve their desired business outcomes. Nonetheless, having a mere presence on social media platforms won’t cut it anymore.

Businesses must develop a comprehensive branding strategy to maximize their social media impact. However, businesses must also be careful when choosing which social media platforms to use. There are many platform options, but they may not all be best suited to your objectives. Diluted efforts and lack of traction can be the result of being present on every platform but with a lack of focus, so it’s crucial to identify which social platforms align with your brand image and goals. 

Considering your target audience is also paramount in making this decision; businesses should identify the platforms where their audience is most active and focus all efforts on those platforms. For instance, if a business has a younger audience, TikTok and BeReal may be the way to go, while LinkedIn is recommended for targeting professionals and other businesses. Facebook and Instagram are both excellent options for businesses with a broader audience. With a clear focus on the right social media platforms, businesses can ensure their brand resonates with the right people to achieve success.

Beyond social media strategy and implementation, we also work with our clients on tactics to establish a formidable brand reputation across the web. Building a consistent online brand message is multifaceted, including a combination of a solid content strategy, responsive customer service, and community engagement. From everyday social engagement to long-term campaigns, we'll help you stand out.


Social Media Management


Reviews & Reputation Management


Social Advertising


Email Marketing


Online Presence: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines, like Google, are the main source for customer investigation. Everyone wants to rank #1 on a Google search, and sometimes that’s easy…other times it’s easier said than done. Either way, we’ll help you get there with a combination of organic search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search engine marketing (SEM) strategies. We’ll dive deep into your website to determine the organic SEO strategy needed to enhance your rankings whether it be new blogs, an enhanced keyword strategy, cleaning up irrelevant content, optimizing metadata, fixing redirect errors, and more. When it comes to paid strategies, we use extensive keyword research, knowledge of Google trends, ad structure, and best practices to create a winning strategy that helps your business get the clicks you want. We remain educated on changing trends to make sure your Search Engine Marketing WORKS!


Organic Search Strategies


Meta Data Optimization


SEM & Adwords

Online Presence: Digital Content Development

Content creation requires a 360° approach to achieve true success in a digital world where the rules are constantly changing. We always begin with the most important question: what’s your story and why should your customers care? This approach aims to foster a deeper, more emotional connection, allowing you to attract the customers you want. By pairing your story with strategic content development, we can help you access the decision-making brain of your consumer – who spends countless hours researching before committing to a company or purchase. We believe organic content development is critical to any strategy because while paid advertising can drive views, clicks, and traffic temporarily, we are committed to building a strong foundation that will stand the test of time.

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