Growth Planning & Strategy

Growth Is No Accident Ignite XDS – The only agency intentionally structured to help you grow your company for opportunity, for sale, or for generational transition. Ignite XDS believes that growth can only occur through the application of Strategic Planning, Brand Development, Infrastructure Refinement, and Cultural Nurturing. Leading to a stronger team, streamlined operations, positive customer experiences, and increased sales.

Strategy, at its simplest, does two things for a company:
 – It defines the business and creates a path forward
 – It focuses a business’ resources to maximize efforts and outcomes

Strategic Planning enables a business to make decisions:
 – Quickly and effectively based defined needs and opportunities
 – Prioritizing activities that facilitate growth

At the heart of strategy is the question of ROI. What opportunities will provide the best return for the effort we invest? That’s not an easy question to answer, but it needs to be asked – and answered regularly. 

Full or Fractional CMO
Strategic Planning
Opportunity Development & Consulting
Market Research & Analysis

Brand Strategy & Implementation

What is your Brand saying about your company? If you consider the fact that your customers are making ruthless decisions in a hidden buying-cycle, while you're not there to convince them otherwise, and the only thing working for you is your Brand. Would you spend more time and effort ensuring your look, voice, and customer's experience were precisely on-point? At Ignite XDS, WE DO, and we do it every day. We'll challenge you to think deeper, if your story is complex...we'll challenge our team to streamline the message so it can be more easily understood. Our goal is to create an identity that your consumers instantly recognize and connect with. From our initial research phase to the long-term achievement of your business goals, it’s a laser-like focus on brand strategy that will help us get you there. After working together to develop your brand strategy, we'll position it at the center of everything we do.

Brand Identity
Persona Development
Marketing Strategy

Infrastructure, Sales Channel & Culture

Have you ever truly considered the rate at which your company can actually grow and still deliver on your brand promise? We argue that even the most amazing marketing plan will fall dependent on a company's ability to honor its brand. After all, what good does adding 15% new business do if 15-20% of your existing business becomes dissatisfied in the process? The Ignite XDS method will involve the WHOLE company, marketing, YES, but also operations, sales channel, team culture, and asset and information management. This holistic approach to growth is proven at delivering our client's desired results at a predictable pace.

Operations Optimization
Assets/Resources Optimization
Sales Team & Channel Development
Culture Team Development

Website Development & Commerce

No company can survive in today's marketplace without a website. That said, a website can be a lot of different things to different companies. The more complex your product offering, the more likely a simple website is not your best solution. Consider the following:
 – Do you have multiple locations each requiring local SEO?
 – Do you need eCommerce or offer Recurring Revenue Services?
 – Do your customers need access to private account portals?
 – Does your organization require and internal Key Info portal?

In any of these or hundreds of other scenarios, Ignite XDS is there to support you with a team of marketers AND engineers with years of problem-solving experience. We'll define your specific need, then solve it with some combination of pre-built or custom software.

Knowing your website is likely the first point, and sometimes the only point of contact for your customers, the User Interface and User Experience is critical in achieving the desired objective. Too many times websites fail to consider the customer, what he or she needs, or demands. Strategic planning, analysis, content organization, and delivery are of the utmost priority in an Ignite XDS website or mobile application. We will pay considerable attention to proper development of call-to-action opportunities.

Custom Website Development
Software Integration
User Experience

Software Applications & Development

For years we’ve had clients come to us with complex business goals and objectives, looking for a solution to meet their needs. Oftentimes they've tried off-the-shelf solutions with marginal or frustrating results. We love those type of challenges and thrive on designing and developing cloud-based solutions to meet their needs. Our years of experience working with clients in manufacturing and automation, distribution, automotive retail, and the building trades has given us insight into a wide variety of application and operational needs.

We keep it in-house, so deadlines and budgets stay on track. We offer customizable and licensed SaaS solutions or ground-up custom applications. We're not locked in and you'll get exactly what you need; whether it's desktop, mobile, or some other combination. Our experience in marketing and business operations gives us a unique perspective to diagnose, design, and develop a user management, product management, data integration, or something in-between tool.

Finally, we pride ourselves on providing completely integrated websites and back-end application solutions that are supported by the industry’s leading security protection. 

Custom Application Development
SaaS Solutions
Multi-Device Interface & Access
Cloud-Based Applications

Traditional and Digital Marketing

Search engines, like Google, are the main source for customer investigation and you need to be there. Everyone wants to rank #1 on a Google search, and sometimes that’s easy…other times it’s easier said than done. Either way, we’ll help you get there with a combination of organic (SEO) and paid (SEM) Digital Marketing. We’ll dive deep into your website to determine the organic SEO strategy needed to enhance your rankings whether it be new blogs, cleaning up irrelevant content, optimizing metadata, fixing redirect errors, and more. When it comes to our paid strategy, we constantly keep up with the changing trends to make sure your Search Engine Marketing WORKS! With extensive keyword research and knowledge of Google trends, ad structure, and best practices we’ll create a strategy that helps your business get the clicks you want.

That said, marketing is so much more than just digital. Audience segmentation, prospect and customer nurturing, and traditional marketing activities will also play a key role in any successful strategic growth plan. Founded in a pre-internet period, and growing in-step with the internet's expansion, Ignite XDS will bring a very unique advantage to your strategic marketing plan and implementation.

Traditional Marketing
SEO/SEM Campaign Optimization
CRM Process & Development
Segmentation & Nurturing

Brand Storytelling

Content creation requires a 360 approach to achieve true success in a digital world where the rules are constant changing. We always begin with the most important question: what’s your story and why should your customers care? This approach aims to foster a deeper, more emotional connection, allowing you to attract the customers you want. The Ignite XDS creative team will develop web page designs, copy, blogs, ads, emails, social content, and more that’s consistent to your brand and designed to hook your customer. By pairing your story with our strategic content development, we can help you access the decision-making brain of your customer – who spends countless hours researching before committing to a company or purchase.

Technology is moving fast, and in today’s world your website and marketing efforts must move quickly too or you’ll be left behind. The Ignite XDS film and photography team specializes in cutting-edge design principals to make audio and visuals more exciting, more memorable, and more emotionally convincing frame-by-frame. Even where you’d least expect it, it’s subtle movements and thoughtful details that will catch the eye of your consumer and engage their decision-making brain. From full span commercials and storytelling videos to quick GIFs and subtle cinemographs, your visual marketing goals can come to life through movement.

Brand Story Development
Technical and Marketing Copywriting