Launch Pad for Growth

Online Course

Launch Pad for Growth

Online Course

The System to Unleash Exponential Growth

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What's Covered?

This program is a culmination of our proprietary 3-pillar strategic method that helps business professionals overcome growth hurdles, in an easy, self-guided format. Explore the course modules and lessons below. Best of all, you can access our team of experts every step of the way.

Step 1 - Identify & Define Company Related Factors

  • Lesson 1: Define WHY your company exists
  • Lesson 2: Document who your company is
  • Lesson 3: Define HOW your company does what it does
  • Lesson 4: Define WHAT you have to sell
  • Lesson 5: Define WHO your company needs to affect to succeed
  • Lesson 6: CHALLENGE

Step 2 – Identify Market & Competitive Related Factors

  • Lesson 1: Define all Business Markets, by Business Segment
  • Lesson 2: Define the market size
  • Lesson 3: Define how your product/offering will affect the market
  • Lesson 4: Define how your product/offering affects the company’s success
  • Lesson 5: Identify all competitors

Step 3 – Identify Goals & Objectives Related to Sales & Marketing

  • Lesson 1: What is your current marketing strategy?
  • Lesson 2: Identify your perceived marketing or business growth priorities
  • Lesson 3: Identify All Limiting Factors
  • Lesson 4: Identify metrics to define success or failure
  • Lesson 5: Identify resources available to achieve success

Step 4 – Establish Milestones Required to Achieve Success

  • Lesson 1: Initial milestones for success
  • Lesson 2: Future milestones to identify success
  • Lesson 3: Establish priorities & take action

Foundational Thinking for Successful Marketing


Step 1 – Define Your Visual Brand

  • Lesson 1: What does your brand look like?

Step 2 – Define Your Company Voice

  • Lesson 1: What is your current brand messaging saying?
  • Lesson 2: CHALLENGE

Step 3 – Define the Customer Journey

  • Lesson 1: Understanding the Customer Journey
  • Lesson 2: Gather Data & Understand Behaviors
  • Lesson 3: Identify Actions & Touchpoints
  • Lesson 4: Map the Customer’s Emotional Journey
  • Lesson 5: Complete & Implement Your Customer Journey Map(s)

Step 4 – Refine the Customer Experience

  • Lesson 1: Refine the customer’s experience with your company

Step 5 – Develop Initial Marketing Collateral

  • Lesson 1: Create foundational marketing materials and brand collateral

Step 6 – Develop Your Marketing Strategy

  • Lesson 1: Begin to create a plan
  • Lesson 2: Strategic Planning Considerations
  • Lesson 3: Prioritizing Marketing Activities
  • Lesson 4: Consider: Outbound Marketing
  • Lesson 5: Consider: Inbound Marketing
  • Lesson 6: Using communication and nurturing to strengthen your message
  • Lesson 7: How do you IMPLEMENT the plan?

Foundational Thinking for Business Growth


Step 1 – Marketing Velocity & Resource Budgeting

  • Lesson 1: Prioritize budget and results
  • Lesson 2: Finalize needs and the solutions to be implemented

Step 2 – Document Your Final Plan

  • Lesson 1: Refine and document the official project scope
  • Lesson 2: Metrics that will determine success or failure
  • Lesson 3: Assign responsibilities and accountability

Step 3 – EXECUTE

  • Lesson 1: Put your plan in motion
  • Lesson 2: Ongoing communication and nurturing

Step 4 – Quality Assurance, Testing & Launch

  • Lesson 1: QA and execution methods
  • Lesson 2: You’re ready to launch

Step 5 – Post-Launch Verification, Monitoring, Reporting

  • Lesson 1: Review again
  • Lesson 2: Monitor your results to know if your plan is working
  • Lesson 3: Ongoing communication and nurturing

Step 6 – REPEAT

  • Lesson 1: Continue to reevaluate the needs of your organization
Interactive, Expert Guided Instruction of
Our Proprietary Methodology We’re revealing the system we use to create business growth, and it starts right now!

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The Ignite XDS Formula for GROWTH IS…

Position Definition - Message Development - Process Implementation

Strategic Planning

Learn our process to unlock your scaling potential and gain a tailored Go-To-Market Strategy based on your Growth Velocity Requirements.

Brand Development

Stand out in your market and position your value proposition to motivate customer decision making.

Infrustructure Refinement

Identify and overcome inefficiencies and bottlenecks to streamline operations for maximum impact and seamless growth.

Cultural Nurturing

Achieve increased customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and encourage advocacy while boosting employee engagement, productivity, and overall business performance.


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“The Ignite XDS team came in and forced us to look at our business through a different lens. They showed us how to think like our customers think. Once we did, we could quickly see where we needed to make adjustments to our business model.”

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- Pete Cristiano, Partner, MIProTechs