Ignite XDS Launch Pad for Growth Program

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Step 1 - Identify & Define Company Related Factors

  • Define WHY your company exists
  • Document who your company is
  • Define HOW your company does what it does
  • Define WHAT you have to sell
  • Define WHO your company needs to affect to succeed

Step 2 – Identify Market & Competitive Related Factors

  • Define all Business Markets, by Business Segment
  • Define the market size
  • Define how your product/offering will affect the market
  • Define how your product/offering affects the company’s success
  • Identify all competitors

Step 3 – Identify Goals & Objectives Related to Sales & Marketing

  • What is your current marketing strategy?
  • Identify your perceived marketing or business growth priorities
  • Identify All Limiting Factors
  • Identify metrics to define success or failure
  • Identify resources available to achieve success

Step 4 – Establish Milestones Required to Achieve Success

  • Initial milestones for success
  • Future milestones to identify success
  • Establish priorities & take action


Foundational Thinking for Successful Marketing


Step 1 – Define Your Visual Brand

  • What does your brand look like?

Step 2 – Define Your Company Voice

  • What is your current brand messaging saying?

Step 3 – Define the Customer Journey

  • Understanding the Customer Journey
  • Gather Data & Understand Behaviors
  • Identify Actions & Touchpoints
  • Map the Customer’s Emotional Journey
  • Complete & Implement Your Customer Journey Map(s)

Step 4 – Refine the Customer Experience

  • Refine the customer’s experience with your company

Step 5 – Develop Initial Marketing Collateral

  • Create foundational marketing materials and brand collateral

Step 6 – Develop Your Marketing Strategy

  • Begin to create a plan
  • Strategic Planning Considerations
  • Prioritizing Marketing Activities
  • Consider: Outbound Marketing
  • Consider: Inbound Marketing
  • Using communication and nurturing to strengthen your message
  • How do you IMPLEMENT the plan?


Foundational Thinking for Business Growth


Step 1 – Marketing Velocity & Resource Budgeting

  • Prioritize budget and results
  • Finalize needs and the solutions to be implemented

Step 2 – Document Your Final Plan

  • Refine and document the official project scope
  • Metrics that will determine success or failure
  • Assign responsibilities and accountability

Step 3 – EXECUTE

  • Put your plan in motion
  • Ongoing communication and nurturing

Step 4 – Quality Assurance, Testing & Launch

  • QA and execution methods
  • You’re ready to launch

Step 5 – Post-Launch Verification, Monitoring, Reporting

  • Review again
  • Monitor your results to know if your plan is working
  • Ongoing communication and nurturing

Step 6 – REPEAT

  • Continue to reevaluate the needs of your organization
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